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Since you are ordering today, you have this one time opportunity to UPGRADE to the Busy Mom Lean Body Workouts DELUXE Edition DVD Pack. This includes everything included in your Basic Busy Mom Lean Body Workouts DVD Pack, PLUS 6 additional DVDs that have previously only been available to my private Fit Club ClubFYM members ….all for an additional payment of $79.

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The Deluxe Busy Mom Lean Body Workouts DVD Pack Includes:

The 3 DVDs included in the Basic Package…

  • DVD 1: Tight Body TriSets
  • DVD 2: Burn It Off Bodyweight Workouts
  • DVD 3: Body Shaping Swimsuit SuperSets
  • The Downloadable Success Guide, Printable Workout Logs and Bonuses.

PLUS These 6 Incredible Body Sculpting DVDs!


Lean Body Workout DVD #4
Shape & Sculpt SuperSets
FYM Lean Body DVD 4

A ClubFYM Workout of the Month from August ‘12
Banish stubborn fat and and achieve more defined arms, abs, legs and butt with strength moves such as Suitcase Squat, Curtsey Lunge, Bulgarian Deadlift, Leg to Hip Lift and Plank Pulls paired into some rather challenging super sets for total body sculpting results!

“Wow Holly! Thanks for these workouts. Workout A has had my tushie and upper lats in pain since the first time I did it over the weekend with 10 lb weights. Gotta love those curtsie lunges! I’m going to get so much stronger with these!”

“Awesome WO B….am really feeling my inner thighs, abs, tris, and pecs! The most muscle awareness I’ve had in a while. It’s hard to sit down lol….but feels GOOD!”

Equipment: 2 Dumbbells (10-20+) Stability Ball, Mat, Step or Bench


Lean Body Workout DVD #5
Full Body Fat Blaster Circuits
FYM Lean Body DVD 5

A ClubFYM Workout of the Month from April ‘12
Turn up the heat with a five exercise strength circuit for increased fat burn as you challenge entire body. In addition you will also be targeting your core to trim the tummy with moves such as Bulgarian Split Squat to Twist, One Leg Romanian Deadlift to Reach, T Push Ups, Side Plank Adduction and Max Effort Planks.

“Finished WO B. The posterior shake….LOLOLOL! I was celebrating after finishing that workout too! You celebrating reminded me to praise myself for completing it too.”

“I just wanted to encourage that it made a WORLD of difference to have you constantly correcting and reminding verbally throughout the video. Today I really needed the ‘shoulders back’ and ‘squeeze those glutes’ comments.”

“I usually don’t warm up without the warm up being in there which I know is bad. But there is just something about having you telling me to do it that keeps me motivated to do it. I just love that it’s added in at the beginning so you can‘t skip it without consciously choosing to. And the warm up makes me want to go ahead and get started on my workout because you made it somewhat relaxing at start so it warmed me up slowly and I didn’t feel jolted into the workout.”

Equipment: 2 Dumbbells (pair for upper body 8 -15 lbs and pair for lower body 15+ lbs), Stability Ball, Step or Bench, Mat and a Timer.


Lean Body Workout DVD #6
Kick A$$ Complexes
FYM Lean Body DVD 6

A ClubFYM Workout of the Month from September ‘12.
Complexes are similar to a metabolic circuit workout comprising of a flow of nonstop strength training moves using just ONE set of WEIGHT! This not only keeps your workout simple, this unique challenge allows you to simultaneously train for cardiovascular conditioning, muscular endurance, strength and strength-endurance with moves such as the Goblet Squat, Push Press, One Arm Supported Row, Reverse Lunge to 1 Leg RDL and Skier Swings!

“Nice! Just completed WOM A with 15#. Feeling strong & sweaty. I am very excited that the w/o is 15 minutes INCLUDING the warm-up.”

“LOVE this workout. I actually contemplated doing the full workout with a 10 lb weight and switching to a 5 for the t-ups…but challenged myself with the 10 for the t-ups and DID IT!! Thank Absolutely LOVE these complexes! Trying to wrap my brain around such a short workout!!! I felt great and thoroughly worked afterward, amazing!! Thanks for pushing me!”

Equipment: 2 Dumbbells (10-20+ lbs), Mat


Lean Body Workout DVD #7
Spring Break Body Metabolic Circuits
FYM Lean Body DVD 7

A ClubFYM Workout of the Month from April ‘13.
Get your body spring break ready with 2 challenging, timed boot camp workouts ~ 45:15
and 60:30 ~ designed to elevate your metabolism and shape your body in all the right places! Blasting fat in just 15 minutes with sizzling moves such as Reverse Lunge to Kick, Squat In & Outs, Stability Ball Step Off and the Triple Crush.

“Did WO B today and it killed me! The squats in and out after the sumo squats were killer! Way to go Holly!”

“Hi Holly, I just wanted to say I am loving the intensity and challenge of this workout! I’ve been doing the ebook workouts for most of the past year so this is the first time I’ve done one where you are mic’d and it makes such a difference having you coaching me though each move! And knowing that it’s OK to be shaking by the 3rd round was so helpful. I’ve always thought when my muscles start to shake that I’m overdoing it or that I am just not in good enough shape. But knowing this is ok and good and is what causes change is so helpful mentally to hang in there through the end of the workout, continuing to push myself!”

Equipment: 2 Dumbbells (lower body 15-20+ lbs), 1 Dumbbell (upper body 10+ lbs). Stability Ball, Mat


Lean Body Workout DVD #8
Daring 40-20 Drop Sets
FYM Lean Body DVD 8

A ClubFYM Workout of the Month from June ‘13
The 40-20 Drop Sets Circuit is a high intensity style of training with a metabolic twist. One of the keys to developing lean fat-burning muscle is using maximum intensity and training to what’s called "momentary muscle failure." When you train "beyond failure" in a metabolic circuit such a this, you will send the ultimate signal to your body to build more lean muscle and in turn burn more fat. The Lean Body 40-20 Drop Set Workouts take training to failure to a whole new level. Experience moves such as Squat Thrusters, One Leg Deadlift Reach & Jump, Renegade Row and Swings.

“Did WO A yesterday – I wouldn’t call squat thrusters fun – UGH -but the shaking and sweating was great – it was a good workout for sure – amazing how just 4 moves can be so tough -LOL.”

“LOVED workout A – the format is fun and very challenging! You always make it "look" so easy, but it certainly is not!”

“I LOVE this workout. I feel like I can do anything for 40 seconds!”

Equipment: 2 Dumbbell (8-10+ lbs), 1 Dumbbell or Kettlebell (15+ lbs), Stability Ball, Mat


Lean Body Workout DVD #9
Holly’s Hottie Body Workout
FYM Lean Body DVD 9

A ClubFYM Workout of the Month from October ‘12
For my 40th Birthday, I designed two unique body sculpting workouts around my personal favorites using strength based super sets and a five exercise metabolic circuit. Experience the challenge of moves such as One Leg Deadlifts, Stability Ball Jackknife and Inner Thigh SB Push Ups and Burpee High Pull combo!

“Super challenging workout this morning, thank you Holly for kicking my butt into gear! The reminders of form throughout are awesome!”

“OMG!! I love this work out!! Will definitely be saving this one!! I feel every part of my body right now!! Thanks for the challenge!!”

“I am feeling it just about everywhere (but not so that I can’t function) today. I LOVE all of the core strengthening aspects of this workout. Definitely need that!!!”

Equipment: 2 Dumbbells (pair for upper body 8-15 lbs and pair for lower body 15+ lbs), Kettlebell (15+ lbs can sub in DBs), Stability Ball, Medicine Ball (or similar) Step or Bench, Mat


FYM Lean Body Deluxe DVD Mock

The Deluxe Fit Yummy Mummy DVDs sell separately for $29.95-39.95 each, but with this special Deluxe Edition combo offer you can get all 6 MORE DVDs giving you a grand total of 18 Body Shaping, Sculpting and Strengthening Workouts
…all for just an additional payment of $79.


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